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Quality Lucas

Lucas products are driven by engineering excellence and a spirit of innovation that’s ensured our continued global success. Our reputation is built on an extensive range and outstanding quality.

Research has shown that Lucas famous green logo is still one of the most recognised brands in the world.

ADAS System, committed with safety

Advanced Driver-Assistance System, High-Tech Automotive Glass.  Lucas Glass committed with safety. 

Our Lucas Glass front windscreens are manufactured to strict OE level characteristics. This assures perfect calibration of cameras and any other electronic safety equipment fitted on the vehicle’s glass.


Original Equipment

Lucas is part of ZF Holding, one of the biggest worldwide Automotive parts manufacturer.

The Holding company, made up of large companies such as TRW, Lemforder, Sachs, Boge, Wabco, Lucas and many others, is a leader in supplying Original Equipment Automotive parts.

This strong Automotive support allows Lucas Glass to offer new business opportunities to Automotive manufacturers, Tier1, Tier2…

Our Glasses are manufactured to the most stringent quality standard, produced in our new production capabilities focused on the newest technological requirements.

We supply prototypes or any standard windscreen – tempered part, with a unique and personal dedication to all of our customers.

We are proud to be the supplier every customer is looking for.


Lucas Glass is a reliable supplier for Aftermarket Automotive Glass.

Our large range of high quality products, laminated and tempered glass, give our partners great opportunities to attend their market needs.

The current market transformation is a big challenge for the whole market levels (manufacturers, distributors and fitters) reason why our flexibility and quick development process transform this challenge into new business opportunities.

Our experience, knowledge and customer focus are the reasons why most of the big Distributors are trusting in Lucas.

Lucas Glass add value to our partners.


Lucas Glass certifies that all its products, laminated glass (windscreens for passenger cars, light and commercial vehicle) and tempered glass (rear and side glass), are manufactured to the most stringent quality standards in place for the automotive sector.

The full range is compliant of European safety regulation,
R43 rev. 1 / add. 42 / rev. 2.

Our manufacturing excellence is guaranteed with the implementation of the most rigorous global quality processes, which include:

  • ISO/TS 16949 
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • ISO 14001

These quality certifications give LUCAS GLASS recognition as a supplier of automotive glass, complying with the quality standards required for the European and North-American markets, and equal to OEM products.


The more than 140 years of history of Lucas say a lot about us. Customers from all corners of the world have constantly relied and continue to rely on the values of our brand. This is something we are proud of and that we work for to provide the market with the best quality products, always under our strict standards and own production processes

Our Coverage

Lucas products are driven by engineering excellence and a spirit of innovation. Through extensive range development, we maximise coverage to bring those innovations to you, so you can enjoy the efficiency and customer satisfaction that ensure success for your business.

Lucas looks to the future with Lucas Glass

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